Filing a Consumer Complaint before Consumer Court


The Consumer may file case / claim before Authority/DC or Consumer Court which is headed by the District & Session judge.

 Steps for Filing Consumer Complaint:

1. 15-Days Legal Notice to Service Provider:

Consumer should serve a fifteen days legal notice on plain paper to the provider of defective product or faulty service(s), as the case may be, stating therein that he / she / they will redress the damage suffered by him / her / them and consequently pay damages to the consumer within fifteen days of receipt of legal notice, otherwise the consumer may file a claim for redressal of his / her / their grievance before Consumer Court.

a. Legal notice should be served to the manufacturers / sellers of product(s) and to the service provider, in case of provision of service, especially through registered post / mail, along-with acknowledgement.

b. There is a limitation of 30 days (from arising of cause of action) for filing a complaint in the consumer court.

c. Serving a 15 days legal notice is pre-requisite for filing claim in Consumer Court.

2. Before Consumer Court:

If matter is not resolved through legal notice, then consumer may file a case / claim on plain paper for redressal of his / her / their grievance before the Consumer Court within subsequent fifteen days.

Case / claim may be filed by the consumer himself / herself / themself or through a Lawyer.

No Court fee is required for filing claim before Consumer Court.

3. Before Authority / DC

Any person may file a complaint for violation of provision of following Sections of the Act before the Authority/DC who, on being satisfied that such is the case, fine the violator that may extend to PKR 50,000 (Rupees fifty thousand only):

Section- 11: Duty of disclosure regarding Products

Section- 16: Duty of disclosure regarding Services

Section- 18: Prices to be exhibited at the business place

Section- 19: Receipt to be issued to the purchaser

Note: No legal notice is required for filing complaints before Authority.

The Consumer Court shall decide the claim within six months after the service of summons on the respondent.

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