How to file a complaint against cyber-crime in Pakistan?

cyber Crime

If your Facebook page is hacked, or if someone has posted your pictures without your consent, or even if you think someone is spreading hatred online, you can simply go ahead and report such cyber -crimes to NR3C to get relief that’s mandated by law now.

Reporting cyber-crimes in Pakistan is very simple and easy, here are cyber-crimes that you can report to cyber-crime wing of FIA.

Types of Cyber Crime You Can Report

  • If someone has made a fake FB ID or Twitter ID with your name
  • If someone has posted your images without your consent
  • If someone is spreading racial or ethnic hatred
  • If someone has hacked your Facebook/Email ID
  • If someone has gained un-authorized access to your laptop, phone (Physical Information system, digital data, personal Identity)
  • If someone is defaming you on social media and you think he/she’s wrong in claims he/she is making
  • Online Fund Transfer Fraud through bank, ATM, Easypaisa, U-paisa, Time pay or any other online fund transfer facility
  • If your website is hacked by someone

How to Report Cyber Crimes

  • If you a victim or any above-mentioned offenses, then you can go ahead and follow below instructions to register a cyber-crime in Pakistan
  • Register Complaint Against Cyber Crimes by filling form online: Go to this URL and submit your application online:
  • Register Complaint Against Cyber Crimes with Email: Write an application with all possible details and your complete credentials (Name, Address, CNIC, and Contact No.) and email it to this email-address:
  • Register Complaint against Cyber Crimes by writing hard-copy application: Write an application with all possible details and your complete credentials (Name, Address, CNIC, and Contact No.) and send the application to this address: Director NR3C-FIA, National Police Foundation Building, 2nd Floor, Mauve Area, G-10/4, Islamabad.
  • Registering Complaint by Walking to NR3C Regional office: Simply visit any of the regional offices of NR3C and register your complaint in person.

How to Write a Complaint against a Cyber Crime?

You can write your complain in plain English/Urdu with maximum possible details about the offense. You can attach any evidence, such as email printouts (screen-grabs) and any possible detail to help the officials understand your case better.You can also mention (nominate) anyone with their phone/address details.

How effective is it to Complain with NR3C?

NR3C is more resourceful. They have official contacts with ISPs, mobile phone companies, Facebook, Twitter and so on to get your complaint resolved.

It is to be noted that the process time of your application may be up to a few weeks, depending on type of your complaint. If you submit it in proper fashion alongside proof and needed documentation,  your complaint can get resolved with ease.

How to Get Update on Complaints:

You can email ( or contact them on 051-9106384 or mobile no: 03366006060 for any queries against your complaint and update.

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